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Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person

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Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person

The School of Life

We are all desperate, of course, to marry the right person. But none of us ever quite does. The fault isn't entirely our own; it has to do with the devilish truth that anyone we're liable to meet is going to be rather wrong, in some fascinating way or another, because this is simply what all humans happen to be - including, sadly, ourselves. Yet - as these darkly encouraging and witty essays propose - we don't need perfection to be happy. So long as we enter our relationships in the right spirit, we have every chance of coping well enough with, and even delighting in, the inevitable and distinctive wrongness that lies in ourselves and our beloveds.

 The School of Life is a global organization helping people lead more fulfilled lives. It is a resource for helping us understand ourselves, for improving our relationships, our careers, and our social lives-as well as for helping us find calm and get more out of our leisure hours. They do this through films, workshops, books, and gifts-and through a warm and supportive community. You can find The School of Life online, in stores and in welcoming spaces around the globe.

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Published: 27.04.2017
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