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Vogue Italia – Issue 839

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Vogue Italia July/August

These have been strange months, almost in convalescence, where our post-pandemic lives seem poised between a state of shock for the past and uncertainty about the future. Legitimate concerns are also protracting towards an autumn that promises economic crises and social tensions. Meanwhile, a large slice of public opinion in many Western countries is finally trying to call time on hateful racial discrimination, and yet simultaneously, almost everywhere, it seems that walls are being strengthened and new forms of intolerance are emerging. Everyone bets that this year is destined to change the world once and for all, but nobody really knows how.
In these doubtful times, we think there is one word that, with its shameless innocence, deserves the attention of our readers more than any other.

Because, in a year that has been anything but happy for just about everyone, there are plenty of excellent reasons to talk about happiness. Is happiness still possible after everything we’ve been through? Are there any traits that make it a common and shared state of being? How does the idea of happiness change at different latitudes? Does its social dimension also entail redemption? And is there anything wrong or blameworthy about seeking it even in our small, everyday pleasures, in the things we possess, or in those we’d like to possess?

In these past months, Vogue Italia has done its best to recount, through images and words, the shock of the world in lockdown and the subsequent cautious recovery. Today, with this issue – with its cover, fashion features, themed stories by eight outstanding writers, and interviews with artists, philosophers and consumer experts – we go back to doing what magazines like this one were born to do, and have been carrying forward for decades in both calm and stormy waters. In other words, searching for, selecting and then portraying beauty – which can also, or perhaps most of all, receive a new lease of life from the darkest of periods, often flourishing even more vibrantly than before (as you’ll read on page 44). And fashion plays a key role in this story.

Moreover, we think there is nothing inappropriate or insensitive about restating that the mechanism fuelling our industry relies on purchases, including non-essential luxuries, and that the future of many companies, and therefore of employees and their families, depends on the sale of goods.
This is another vital waypoint on the road to building a new normality – ideally a bit fairer and more restrained than the one we’ve left behind us – where with mutual respect we can each go about pursuing a few moments of not insignificant happiness.

The cover of this issue 
Photographer: Ethan James Green
CONCEPT: Shapes And Volume
MODEL: Binx Walton @ Next
STYLIST: Carlos Nazario

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