The Hero Summer Zine – Issue 3 - Print Matters!
The Hero Summer Zine – Issue 3 - Print Matters!
The Hero Summer Zine – Issue 3 - Print Matters!
The Hero Summer Zine – Issue 3 - Print Matters!

The Hero Summer Zine – Issue 3

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Summer’s here, which means it’s time for The HERO Summer Zine!

Featuring star of IT, Nicholas Hamilton on the cover


Danielle Levitt 
Daniyel Lowden 
Davey Sutton 
Doug Inglish 
Eber Figueira 
James Robjant 
Josh O’Connor 
Kingsley Tao 
Marco Van Rijt 
Martina Nilsson 
Naguel Rivero 
Oscar Lange 
Patrick Waugh/BOYO Studio 
Samia Giobellina 
Simons Finnerty 
Steve Morriss 
Trevor Stones 
Winter Vandenbrink

Sprache: Englisch

HERO has quickly become widely recognised as the most relevant, fashion-forward destination for a switched-on, intelligent and demanding readership.Fed up of ‘more of the same’, our audience revels in our fresh perspective.

HERO is our antidote to the stuffy and over-thought cultural dryness that has gripped menswear publishing.We strive to make a magazine and website that are not afraid to be visually led and arresting – have beautiful photography, amazing fashion and great, informal interviews with actors, designers and friends – and for that to be something to celebrate and revel in.Our emphatic definition of the season is a joyously curated vision of what we love. No filler news pieces or fluff articles, just pure and bold statements. We are read by taste-making men in their twenties, thirties and forties who love fashion and culture, and want to be excited by it again.

With English, Chinese and Japanese versions and over 300 pages of beautifully printed fashion stories and interviews, HERO is collectible. It’s read, re-read and kept forever.October is our Winter/Spring edition, and April our Summer/Fall edition. This means we shoot a huge amount of new season before anyone else.The world has evolved, and our readers love to see fashion from the shows without waiting 6 months for other titles to catch up.Our approach to fashion is celebratory and zealous. Embracing the styling, foregrounding the clothes.

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