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Subsequence – Issue 3

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The tagline of "Subsequence" is "Arts & Crafts for the Age of Eclectic." This experimental project will cover a wide range of arts, crafts and culture from all sorts, regardless of generation, gender or nationality. Featuring domestic and international contributors for the editing and compilation processes.
Based on the fundamental idea of unfolding new untold stories through individual perspectives, we are aiming to create a magazine that resembles the works developed by passionate craftsmen and artisans who love their craft. We offer these stories to a wide range of people, as the magazine is intended for those who have an interest in cultural lifestyles, so please look forward to it.

Contents :
Fanny Singer/Kyohei Sakaguchi/Lang Lee/Itsushi Kawase/Tomoka Shibasaki/Mike Abelson

Cover story “Clothing As Memory”
Susan Kim/Kyle Field/Tetsu Nishiyama/Kasara Nandasuta/Crispin Chetwynd/Toyoshige Kamada/Akari Endo-Gaut/Lisa Monterdez

Other content
The Photography of Sune Jonsson/Short Story “Olives, or End-of-World Blues” Etgar Keret/Bruno Taut’s Bamboo-Weaving Legacy/The Hand-Embroidered Textiles of Jordan Nassar/Holding Back the Years: Hiroki Nakamura and the Restoration of Richard Neutra’s “Schaarmann House”/Sadao Yasumoro, Master Gardener/etc

Participating creators
Stephen Mann/Brigitte Lacombe/Asa Hiramatsu/Jerry Ukai/Tamara Shopin/Gentaro Ishizuka/nakaban/Hiroki Nakamura/Kelsi Nakamura/etc

Please Note :
Bilingual Japanese and English
168 pages, all color
Large-sized 260mm x 372mm

Staff :
Chief Editor: Kosuke Ide
Art Director: Junpei Niki
Photographer: Keisuke Fukamizu/etc