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Milk – Issue 65

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Responsible Generation

192 pages, english texts



ON THE COVER: The VitraHaus

SOCIETY School bullying : time to talk ?

PORTRAIT : Meeting with Gretha Thunberg, icon of climate generation

SOCIETY : Talk with agroecologist Pierre Rabhi

SOCIETY : Can the Ginks save the planet ?

FASHION : Autumn Apparel at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche by Charlotte Lapalus + Vitra Haus by Karel Balas + Fish & Kids by Tim Marsella + Villa Cavrois by Karel Balas + We are Family by Christine Vicari + No Plastic in my Sea by Mark Shearwood

LIFESTYLE : Eva Karayiannis in London, founder of Caramel

INSIDE : The green corner of Veva van Sloun in Ghent

FOOD : Green recipes from Alice Roca alias @aliceinfood

TOURISM : The Coucoo Cépages eco-estate in the Vaucluse

ESCAPE : Set sail to Cape Horn and Patagonia

MilK Magazine was founded by Isis-Colombe Combris and first published in August 2003. Karel Balas is the artistic director for MilK (2003-). The primary focus of the magazine has consistently been on contemporary children's trends in fashion and the home. The high fashion editorials star kids as young as infancy and are paired with articles including topics on haute French children's clothing, bedroom decor, et all. Ads in the magazine concern children and include companies such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry, D&G, Roberto Cavalli, Dior, as well as local (European only) high end designers such as Wafflish Waffle and mini Rodini. Milk Magazine is published four times a year.

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