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Juxtapoz – Issue 215

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Juxtapoz – Fall 2020 #215

Our Fall 2020 Quarterly edition, issue #215, created during one of the most tumultuous summers in American history, and our cover reflects a powerful, defiant and historical moment in time. Bisa Butler, our cover artist this issue, has found a remarkable way to "paint with textiles," creating quilts that re-contextualize the historical craft art as well as retell some of our most important events that have helped shape the real American story. That she focuses on the quilt, and the passing down of family heritage and the coded language within the textile art form was especially of importance for this year of social change.

The Fall 2020 Quarterly is about the body, and what the body represents to not only the artist but the viewer. We have in-depth looks at the works of Bisa Butler Marilyn Minter, Lina Iris Viktor, Dominic Chambers, Cassi Namoda, Laura Berger, Peter Uka, Macela Pardo Ariza, Justin Liam O'Brien, Nicolas Party, Kayla Mahaffey, Jessalyn Aaland, J Leigh Garcia, Pricklysauce, Lisa Marie Thalhammer, Craig Costello, NIck Cave, Dan Witz, Amoako Boafo, GaHee Park, Ed Clark, Lily Kaizer and more!

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