C-Heads – Issue 36
C-Heads – Issue 36
C-Heads – Issue 36
C-Heads – Issue 36
C-Heads – Issue 36
C-Heads – Issue 36
C-Heads – Issue 36
C-Heads – Issue 36

C-Heads – Issue 36

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Edition Issue #36

In this issue we are going to explore happiness.

The pursuit of happiness may well be the most stubborn of all human clichés. Everybody, throughout human history, has been searching for it, selling it, finding it, and losing it. 

Happiness is what keeps us humans going. What helps us forget the hardships. It distracts us from the tragedy and finiteness of life. Happiness is like the drug that keeps us alive.

Happiness changes and always depends on what situation you are in. If you are oppressed, then freedom is your biggest happiness. If you are ill, health is. If you are hungry, then food is. If you are lonely, then someone special entering your life will bring you the biggest joy.

Happiness is such a big word but is triggered by so many little things. Warm sunrays on your skin. The sound of the sea. The silence during a forest walk. A bouquet of lovely smelling spring flowers. Returning to a cozy home after a long day at work.

Once in a while we need to ask ourselves that question: Are you happy? And mostly we ask ourselves this in the moments when we are not. Maybe happiness is like our compass in life. Once in a while we need to adjust it in order to find our direction again.


limited edition - 1300 copies
180 pages
21.8 cm x 27.6 cm 1,2 cm

perfect binding Softcover: matt lamination - coated paper + gold foil
Inside: Matt coated paper shrink wrapped

Language: English

Heidelberg offset printing

Cover: Swantje Wördemann photographed by Laukart

Made by women. Since 2006. 

“We are two sisters, dreamers, and soul searchers. We are drawn to beauty and love. The beauty and love we find in people, nature and the entire world.
Forever a wanderer, a beauty seeker drifting deep in our thoughts.” 

We all become witnesses of our times.
We are young and reckless.
We are wild and free.

love. print. meant to be forever.

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