Issue 7
NYC Surfing

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ENGROSS in conversations with Lisa Tan and Nicholas O’Brien, Troy Mothershead with Kris Chatterson, Charles Atlas with Carmen Winant, Leah Dawson with Aeriel Brown and Emilie Halpern with Sydney Russell.

SATURATE in night surfing with Donnie Hedden, modern sun masks and towels photographed by Sacha Maric, water-distorted test patterns photographed by Harry Griffin, underwater surfing by Nick LaVecchia and Ryan Struck, summer menswear by Sacha Maric and Mac Heulster and artwork by Anne Vieux.

ABSORB an essay on Ron Church by Margaret Cohen, a discussion on surf soundtracks with Tyler Breuer and filmmaker Andrew Kidman, and immersive essays by Elena Schilder and Geoffrey Hilsabeck.

Sprache: Englisch
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