Issue 12
Impro in der Küche

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You live in a place without a proper kitchen but you invite your neighbors over for sukiyaki anyway. They’re dancing around your room while you cook dinner in an electric hot pot balanced on a stool near the window. After dinner, the conversation never ends. You’re sitting at the table long after dessert is served, smoking, drinking the last of the wine, picking at the leftovers, making coffee and telling stories. Your pal is taking pictures of the forks stacked up and the wine stains on the table cloth while the cat is asleep on another guest.

You wake up late and make more coffee, sweep the remnants of last night into the hallway and wave at George on his way to the bathroom. There’s a little leftover food from dinner. You rummage further into the fridge: rice in a takeout container, a handful of stir fried green beans, sriracha and soy sauce. You get that going on the big skillet hot plate by the desk and the finishing touch is a perfect fried egg on top.

Finally: One dozen eggs! Put A Egg On It 12 heads west to Las Vegas with Geoffrey Ellis who photographs Chef Giuseppe Conte preparing whole striped bass for friends and family. Julia Wertz documents San Francisco artist haunts with her nostalgic illustrations. Back on the East Coast, Sarah Keough checks out people eating on the go as only New Yorkers can. Composer and artist M. Lamar has a chat over monkfish with iconic New Yorkers Penny Arcade and Max Blagg. Essays include: After a break-up leaves him a wreck, Jorge de Cascante heads home to find comfort around the family dinner table, but ends up feeling even more alienated; Finn Paul spends lonely teenage years not quite connecting with his uncle, an army veteran and a retired cabbie, except through cheap breakfasts and takeout cannoli; Kira Garcia deals with the absolute weirdness of pregnancy hunger. This issue also features contributions from Jessica Craig-Martin, India Davis, William Edmonds, Aaron Renier, Robin Rolder, Giuseppe Santamaria and Aya Kakeda. The recipe theme this issue is Canned Fish — the magical pantry item of your dreams!

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