Issue 4
Finnischer Food for Thought


Ein Essen und Kultur-Magazin aus Helsinki mit einer Schwäche für Fashion.

In Issue 4:
Lobster used to be poor man’s food and white bread morphed from gourmet to garbage over the span of a few hundred years.

Class sounds like an archaic concept – but if it is obsolete, why do we see traces of it in everything around us?

A study of class, culture, and gastronomy, The Class Issue asks questions and seeks answers. It does not revel in sensationalism but presents class through an independent lens – freely and honestly across borders. It explores class as a characteristic, a social denominator, and a ranking and aims to capture a moment in a time of watersheds, barricades and intertwinement of good and bad taste.

The team behind this issue of the magazine includes more than 20 designers, chefs, writers and photographers.

Sprache: Englisch

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